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Mission Statement


Point Blank Music School’s mission is to educate a diverse population of students in music production, composition, performance, engineering, and related creative activities, thus preparing them for further study and successful careers in the music industry. We strive to achieve this educational mission first and foremost by providing our students with ample opportunities to practice the craft of music making using professional equipment, to learn through mentorship from talented instructors who possess a wealth of industry experience, and to benefit from our extensive network of partners.


Point Blank Music School's aims are:

• To develop and deliver highly engaging vocational arts programs that empower students with artistic competencies, skills for life, and pathways into creative industries.

• To provide students with foundational technical and theoretical tools to express themselves musically through fluency in harmonic, rhythmic, melodic, and structural languages.

• To frame modern music in the context of popular music history by imbuing the teaching with relevant narratives and immersing students in a rich variety of diverse musical cultures.

• To enhance the student experience through investment in the learning environment and physical resources including studios, music production equipment, and performance spaces.

• To maintain strong links with the creative industries through the employment of faculty and staff who have active professional careers as well as extensive experience and academic backgrounds.

• To support widening participation and global creativity by welcoming a diverse range of students into our inclusive, dynamic, pioneering academic community, both on campus and online.

• To embed the student voice within the internal quality evaluation cycle, and to act upon student feedback as a catalyst for innovation and improvement.

• To offer students the opportunity to submit their music for consideration for release by our in-house record label Point Blank Recordings.

• To create strategic partnerships with external music organizations which ensure our connection to the industry remains vital, relevant, and beneficial to students.

• To connect students with music industry opportunities in the music industry through sources including our Blog, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), our Official Website, and other student-facing communications.

• To monitor and evaluate all course and program outcomes and use the data gathered to improve our existing educational offering as well as create innovative new programs and learning pathways.

• To engage positively with the quality assurance process and all state, accreditory, and federal oversight bodies.

By steadfastly pursuing these aims, Point Blank will fulfill its mission.


Statement of Mission & Aims applies to Los Angeles School & U.S. Online School only.