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Free Track Feedback

Take your skills to the next level

Let Point Blank LA take your music to the next level. Submit your track and get feedback from our team here at Point Blank LA. We'll connect you with an advisor who will review your track and provide you with detailed, effective feedback on how to improve your music and get it ready for success.

This service is ideal for everyone, from beginners to experts. Our advisors will include constructive feedback in areas such as arrangement, production, mixing, mastering, and style. It may include answers to questions like:

  • What is done well on this track?
  • What resources can we point the producer/artist towards to help them improve?
  • How effective is the track in terms of overall feel, atmosphere, and originality?
  • Does the track take the listener on a journey and maintain interest through clear sections and smooth transitions?
  • How professional is the production value in terms of sound design, sample use, audio manipulation, or performance?
  • Are there any instruments that clash with one another or occupy similar frequency ranges?
  • What is the main constructive feedback that would make this track better?

Singers and songwriters are also welcome to submit their performances, and DJs are welcome to submit their mixes. Submit your track to our team today, and someone from our LA team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Upload Your Track: