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Fees & Savings

Limited September offer included in table below:


TypeRecommended CoursesNo. of ModulesDurationTotalSeptember PriceSeptember DiscountSave (September)Reg FeeTuition Fee (September)
ProductionMusic Production & Sound Engineering Master Diploma12
Intro to Production
Music Composition
Sound Engineering
Essential DJ Skills
Sound Design
Art of Mixing
Music Industry
Native Instruments Maschine
Composing for Film & TV
Creative Production & Remix
Electronic Music Performance
9 months¥117,440¥80,74531%¥36,695¥8,500¥72,245
Music Production & DJ Diploma109 months¥99,950¥71,24529%¥28,705¥7,500¥63,745
Music Production & Sound Engineering Diploma66 months¥57,470¥49,99513%¥7,475¥5,000¥44,995
Music Production Certificate46 months


¥34,99512%¥4,985¥3,500 ¥31,495
Mixing & Mastering Award23 months¥19,990¥18,9955%¥995¥1,900¥17,095
Intro to Production13 months¥9,995¥9,9950%¥0¥1,000¥8,995
Intro to Production (intensive)13 months¥9,995¥9,9950%¥0¥1,000¥8,995
Native Instrument Maschine13 months¥9,995¥9,9950%¥0¥1,000¥8,995
Music Composition13 months¥9,995¥9,9950%¥0¥1,000¥8,995
Art of Mixing13 months¥9,995¥9,9950%¥0¥1,000¥8,995
Audio Mastering13 months¥9,995¥9,9950%¥0¥1,000¥8,995
DJComplete DJ Certificate


9 months¥29,985¥27,9957%¥1,990¥2,800¥25,195
DJ / Producer Certificate 


6 months¥39,980¥34,99512%¥4,985¥3,500¥31,495
DJ / Producer Award23 months¥19,990¥18,9955%¥995¥1,900¥17,095
Essential DJ (intensive) 13 months¥9,995¥9,9950%¥0¥1,000 ¥8,995
Essential DJ13 months¥9,995¥9,9950%¥0¥1,000¥8,995
DJ/Producer Program4 1 month¥18,995¥18,9950%¥0¥1,900 
SingingSinging Award26 months¥14,990¥11,49523%¥3,495¥1,150¥10,345
Singing13 months¥7,495¥7,4950%¥0¥750¥6,745
Music IndustryMusic Industry13 months¥7,495¥7,4950%¥0¥750¥6,745
Weekend CoursesAbleton Production1Weekend ¥1,995

Weekend DJ1Weekend

Intro to Music Production (Weekends)15 weeks¥9,995¥9,9950%¥0¥1,000¥8,995
Essential DJ Skills (Weekends)15 weeks¥9,995¥9,9950%¥0¥1,000¥8,995

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